Sheila Gunlock
Sharing Grace is moms making a difference, whether at home or around the world! Not only can we as women touch lives everyday in our own family but we can leave a legacy with our children and those that we make the Bible memorable. God has a wonderful miracle called creativity; some have it and most desire it. God created the artistry of oil painting so artists would spend years trying to match the majesty of His sunsets. He created the beauty of watercolor painting so the human eye could see the complexity in the simplicity of a child’s face. God’s passion has been captured in the emotion of classic poetry brought down through the ages in the Book of Psalms. The desire of Sharing Grace Ministries is to portray the complexity, beauty and emotion of those people who lived, breathed and died experiencing the Life Lessons God has for us in His Word. Scriptures come to life as these lessons are portrayed in the Characterizations, Puppet Scripts and Cirriculums, and testimonies of those who have pursued the Heart of God. Sharing Grace Ministries consists of mothers, grandmothers, teens and children ministry teams, and yes, even a husband or two, who have come together to minister life and desire to bring a refreshing to the body of Christ. We desire to serve Christ through the ministry of drama, puppetry, customized puppet scripts and cirriculum, workshops and teaching real life applications from Scripture to the heart of the audience.